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Q10034 - HOWTO: How to put cash back into the ServiceShop cash register.

This article addresses how to increase the cash in the ServiceShop cash register.

It is understood in this article that you have QuickBooks and that you have an Account named:
Cash Register-Petty Cash

1. Write a check in QuickBooks to Cash, type "Petty Cash" in the memo field and expense it to your Exchange account.

2. To put the cash into ServiceShop open the cash register.

3. Go to File, Income.

4. Pick Cash

5. On the note line put a description like "Petty Cash".

6. Put the amount as a positive number. Click OK

7. In the ServiceShop Expense window click on the binoculars and choose the Exchange account.

8. Put the amount in as a negative number, and click Add

9. Click OK, and the cash increases in the register.

When the Cash Out is performed and imported to QuickBooks, the Exchange Account will return to zero, the Checking Account will drop by the amount of the check and the Cash Register-Petty Cash Account will increase by the same amount.




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