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Q10054 - HOWTO: Gift Certificates in ServiceShop

Who Should Read This Document?

The person(s) responsible for selling/redeeming Gift Certificates should read this document.

Requirements & Setup

QuickBooks integrated with ServiceShop.
Create an General Ledger Account called "Gift Certificate" or "Gift Card". This G/L Account Type is OCLib (Other Current Liability).
Export the COA and Import into ServiceShop.
Create a Fee called “Gift Certificate” or "Gift Card" with the account mapped to “Gift Certificates” account.

To Sell Gift Certificate:

Create a Counter Parts Ticket for the customer buying the certificate.
Add the fee Gift Certificate for the appropriate amount.
Accept payment with appropriate Payment Type.

To Redeem Gift Certificate:

When customer comes in to redeem the Certificate, go to their Account tab.
Click on the New Credit Entry (2nd icon from the left)
Enter the Gift Certificate number in the Notes field.
Enter Customer that gave Gift Certificate in the Reference field.
Enter the amount of the Gift Certificate and click Save.
At the "Expense" window -
Click on Binoculars, click on the Gift Certificate Account add the Amount and click Ok.
The customer now has a credit balance.
When accepting payment on the invoice choose A/R as the Payment Type.
Click on the Account tab of the customer and find balance due. Accept payment (Check, Cash, etc.) 

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