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Q10100 - HOWTO: Taking Coupons

Coupon can be handled in many different ways. After reading through this explanation and you wish to do it differently please call to discuss further option.


Setting up the Payment Type.


Coupon to recorded as a payment type and expensed to an expense account in QuickBooks in order to track the cost of the coupon to your shop.


Go to QuickBooks and create a new sub-account under your marketing account called “Coupons”

Export the Chart of Accounts by going to File>Utilities>Export>iif Files>check Chart of Account. Remember to be in QuickBooks as Administrator-Single User Mode. Name file "COA201x.iif" and save on Desktop.


Open ServiceShop>Configuration>QuickBooks>Chart of Account>File>Import COA.

Now go to Configuration>System Settings>Payment Types>File>New

Payment Type name “Coupon”

Put a Check Mark at Expense and Save.


To use Coupon, Accept Payment on Service Invoice as a “Split Payment” and in the Coupon payment type put the value of the Coupon. Fill in the payment type as necessary and click OK.

An Expense Window will open, pick the binoculars and find the Account called “Coupons”. Fill in the Amount field with the value of the coupon and make sure the Division is correct, Click “Add” then “OK”.


Setting up the Customer Source


Tracking the profitability of the Coupon is done using the Source Report.

Go to Configuration>System Setting>Customer Sources>File>New Source Group (or Rename Group). A window will open to name the Group “Coupons”. Click “OK”.

File>New and create a source called “Coupon” or “Spring Coupon” as you wish.

When a customer give you a coupon change the Service Invoice Source to “Spring Coupon”

Run the Sales by Source Report monthly to track profitability of this type of Invoice

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