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Q107 - INFO: A ServiceShop window is completely missing...
There are two possible causes for this:

A) Your missing window is simply hidden behind other ServiceShop windows.
B) Your missing window has accidentally been moved beyond the edges of the screen.

Usually the only indication you have that the missing window is open is that you can see its icon on the taskbar, although it's also possible to have no icon on the taskbar.


Resolution for Cause A (try this first):

1. From the Main Toolbar, click on Window. Every open ServiceShop window will be listed. Click on the listing for the window you are missing. If the missing window has simply dropped behind other open ServiceShop windows, it will move to "the top". If it doesn't, go on to the next step.

2. From the Main Toolbar, click on Window, Restore All. All minimized windows will maximize. Then repeat Step 1. If you still don't find your missing window, go to Cause B.

Resolution for Cause B:
1. Close and restart ServiceShop. Attempt to re-open your missing window. If it does not appear, go on to the next step.

2. If the problem persists, your window has been inadvertently been moved beyond the edges of your screen. You will need to use the Windows "move" command in combination with the arrow keys to "nudge" the missing window into view (from it's present position beyond the edges of your screen). The missing window could be anywhere (above, below, or to either side) of the viewable area of the screen - we don't know yet - but it is quite easy to bring it back if you follow these instructions below carefully. (This can happen to any Windows program - it's not a ServiceShop -specific problem.)

3. If an icon for the missing window appears on your taskbar, right click on the icon for the missing window. A small menu will appear. From this menu, left click on "Move". Your mouse curser will become a 4-way arrow cursor. If an icon for the missing window does not appear on your taskbar, press Alt-Spacebar, then "M" (for Move).

4. The missing window has now been "selected", even though you cannot tell that this has happened. Using the arrow keys, gently and carefully scroll in various directions. An outline of your missing window (or the actual window itself) should eventually appear (it may occur immediately).

5. When it does, left click the mouse at the desired position. This will cause the lost window to stop at that position. Do not press escape, as this will cause the window to revert back to its original location beyond your screen and you'll have to repeat the whole process to find it again.

6. Just to verify that your found window has remembered its new and proper location, close it and re-open it again.

Note: For keyboard savvy people, you can just alt-tab to the window, use Alt+Space, then M, then Arrow key, and then move your mouse.

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