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Q8 - INFO: Error occurred while creating CONTROL-FRAME: . Invalid class string (5898)
This error means that some .ocx or .dll is not installed correctly on your PC.

Very often this can only be fixed with the assistance of GenesisFour technical support. There are however two things to try prior to calling for support.


1. Reboot the system:
Very often Windows can become "confused" and a reboot will fix this problem (and many others as well).


2. Register prox.dll
The prox.dll is used by Service2000 to connect to external controls and libraries. If this .dll is not properly registered then Service2000 will fail to contact to any external control (and produced this error). To fix this you need to open a MS-DOS prompt and the following:

REGSVR32 C:\\DLC\BIN\prox.dll

Replace with the exact directory where Service2000 was installed.

Important: During the Service2000 installation, if you accepted the default path, the Service2000 directory will be under the Program Files directory, and since long files names are not recognized a the MS-DOS command line, you must type "progra~1" instead of "Program Files". Therefore, if your Service2000 installation is in the Program Files directory, the exact syntax for the above command line will be:

REGSVR32 C:\progra~1\service2000\DLC\BIN\prox.dll

Once you have successfully typed this command, you should then get a message that the .dll has been registered.


If neither of these fix the issue you will need to contact GenesisFour for more assistance.
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