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This is a procedure which is generally only necessary for two reasons:

1) you have renamed a G/L account in QuickBooks
2) you have exported and imported the G/L accounts multiple times and created a mess.

If you have determined that deleting your chart of accounts is necessary, make sure that you have performed a clean cash out and have exported it so that there are no non-exported transactions in any of your cash registers before you delete the chart of accounts. Further, do not accept payment or expense ANYTHING while the chart of accounts is being swept, because you will create orphaned transactions that will wind up "going nowhere". If this occurs, at the next cash out you will get an error "No QB_ chart record is available (91).", in which case see Kbase #134.

Service2000 includes a utility to will clear the current Chart of Accounts. This is useful if you find the need to delete or completely change your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts. This is not needed if you are only adding new accounts. You can always add new accounts by simply reimporting the QuickBooks COA file. The system will scan the COA file for any new accounts and add them for you.

Record all your G/L Account interface settings in ServiceShop
Reconfiguring after deleting the Chart of Accounts will be much easier if you record all your G/L account settings in Service3000 before you delete them. Once you've deleted the Chart of Acccounts in Service2000, it will be extremely fast and easy to reconfigure the interface if all the account settings have been documented. To do this:
1. Go into System Configuration, System Settings, QuickBooks Interface
2. Click on QuickBooks Interface, General Interface, and write down all the settings you see on this screen. (Or, if you prefer, screen capture this screen by pressing ALT+PrntScreen to to capture the screen, and then press Cntrl+V into MS Word or an email MS Outlook. Note that Outlook Express cannot do this.)
3. Click on Sales Interface and do the same thing - somehow document all the settings.

Delete/reset your accounts
1. Go to the Main ToolBar and click on File, Run Program.
2. Enter "delcoa.r" (without the quotes) and press ENTER.
3. The Chart of Accounts delete utility will appear. Click on the checkbox to agree that you really want to do this and then click OK. The utility will run. Note that if you left either of the interface screens open, you may get the mistaken impression that the Chart of Accounts did not delete, but it did, and you will see this if you click away from the open screen and back again.
4. Re-import the Chart of Accounts.
5. Re-assign all G/L Account settings on both interface screens (General Interface and Sales Interface).
6. Re-assign all G/L Account settings for Fees (System Configuration, System Settings, Fees). DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

See also Kbase #'s 45, 65, & 183.
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